Easy to integrate in any website

While working with several websites and Nxt, I experienced that not everybody has access to a full dedicated server with running Nxt.

Showing which Nxt Server are available should increase the usage of Nxt for websites that are built on regular webspaces.

Everybody can start with showing details from the Blockchain, like being connected to it.

What does NxtPeers?

NxtPeers regularly browses peers from the network, checks if GET statements are possible with the node and if the node is hallmarked.

The nodes are stored in a database and updated every minute. If NxtPeers would be disconnected from the network for a short timespan, several nodes will still be available to connect to.


With offering our API, other webspaces can use NxtPeers as a tunnel to connect to a node from the NxtNetwork

The node you are connected to can change any minute, as we update node data permanently.

This provides that nodes are up to date, as well as if a node goes offline, less than a minute later another node will be taken to connect to.

Using this method NxtPeers aims to offer a secure tunnel to the Nxt Network

Tunnel to the full NXT API

Using NxtPeers API, you can choose nodes which are connected to the NXT Network.

This allows access to the full NXT API


The node data provided should just be used for GET statements. Just displaying purposes.

For displaying data from nodes there should be no security risk. If you still want to increase security, take your node from the hallmarked pool

The peers are taken randomly from the Nxt Network, you should not send any passphrase to the server.


NxtPeers has a backup system, getting data from the fresh nodes if something happens to our server

We try the best ability performance but if you need a fast, secure and reliable NXT system you should install it on your server