Asset Holder Chart & List

Enter the asset at top of the index.php and upload it to your server/webspace

Edit the design to your needs. See more about Assets functions here

Download Example

Last updated: 6th Nov. 2014
Using google charts

Donation button

Enter your Nxt Account into the index.php at top and upload it to your server/webspace

Edit the text and image as you prefer.

Download Example

Last updated: 5th Nov. 2014

Few clicks to your NxtShop

To use the Shop you just need to place your already created NXT Shop Account into the settings.php and you are ready to go.

Upload the script onto your server, the only requirement is PHP to easily display your NXT Shop data

The Shop is designed to display your Marketplace Items, so you can easily spread the word of your Sellings

Download Example

The design is wrapped into the Twitter Bootstrap Business Casual Template
Last updated: 4th Nov. 2014 - Version 0.8
Download the nxtShop and unzip it. Open settings.php with any editor.

Replace your NXT Shop Account (like NXT-...-...-...-....) with the example Account.

Edit the texts and images as you like, you can find the title and headers of the website in the settings.php

The name and description you have given your NXT Shop Account will be used as Data source for the Shop, every Item you sell 
will automatically be listed on the front page with a link to more details to the Item.