NXT Marketplace Template
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How-to include NxtShop for free

Download the Wraparound
How to use and install NxtShop

Download the nxtShop and unzip it. Open settings.php with any editor.

Replace your NXT Shop Account (like NXT-...-...-...-....) which the example Account.

Edit the texts and images as you like, you can find the title and headers of the website in the settings.php

The name and description you have given your NXT Shop Account will be used as Data source for the Shop, every Item you sell will automatically be listed on the front page


No NXT installation required
NxtPeers.com is used as datasource for reliable NXT nodes.
You just need PHP to run this website

NxtPeers.com tests nodes regular to provide always up to date nodes from the NXT Network. This allows higher availability as nodes will be drawn from a bigger pool and the reliability of a single node is not required

If you have a webserver with PHP, paste this example in a folder and see how it looks

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Your Shop
Get your Shop running

You can use several other data from the NXT blockchain and modify this template for your own needs. Any purchase delivery has to be confirmed on the blockchain by yourself. This website can be used to easily spread the word of your Items to sell and display how it can be purchased. Get creative with your Shop, listening an Item just costs 1 NXT.